There are tons of beautiful watches to choose from but forgive us we feel they all start to blend together after a while. Don’t get us wrong; there are absolute classics and unique beauties out there, but they tend to be expensive – or gimmicks. And sometimes, we just want something different. For that, there’s Holzkern Wood Watches.

Holzkern is an Austrian brand, and they craft some elegant timepieces straight out of wood and stone, which gives them a simple, rustic beauty that isn’t found on your more typical stainless or aluminum watches. They craft all their watches in small batches (just like your favorite craft whiskey) and they are often sold out for several months until the next production batch is ready. Best of all, they are relatively cheap, too, and you can snag some models – like the ultra-simple, classy Fall Morning – for as little as $185. The Fall Morning is a classic, simple watch made from zebrawood and wenge wood, with a quartz movement and dark, dark blue markings.

Spend a little bit more (about $334) and you can rock the gorgeous Flare, which features an applewood and stainless-steel case as well as a genuine Tiger’s Eye dial. They call it a “wonderful reminder of the sun’s glorious goodbye after a long day of shining down on you.” We just call it classy. A Quartz movement and Applewood/Stainless band finish the ensemble.

Another piece we really like – the Alpenglow, named after that enchanting, almost-eerie glow that washes over mountain peaks right before sunrise or right after sunset. The Alpenglow has a walnut and stainless-steel case, matched with a walnut dial, Citizen Quartz movement and a zebrawood strap. At $185, it’s also a steal.

All Holzkern watches come with free worldwide delivery, a 24-day money-back guarantee and a 24-month warranty. We don’t think you’ll be using either of those guarantees anytime soon, however, and see their timepieces sitting on your wrist for a long time to come.

Flare Fall Morning 2 Fall Morning Holzkern Flare 2