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The Holcombe Reinvents The Carabiner (From James Brand)

Holcombe Carabiner

Many people – EDC enthusiasts and more- use carabiners to keep their keys and essentials handy. But maybe you’ve noticed that many of these carabiners aren’t very good. Which is unfortunate, because if your carabiner breaks….you lose everything on it. That’s no fun. It’s also why the Holcombe was invented: to replace the traditional carabiner and be more reliable for keeping your keys and keychain safe.

Many carabiners can be kind of bulky for EDC, but the Holcombe aims to be stronger, more durable, and lighter – made from a lightweight, aircraft-grade titanium cut in a minimalist design. It weighs only about eight grams and isn’t much larger than your keys themselves – at only three inches long!

To make on/off ridiculously easy, there is a spring-loaded swing gate that allows you to easily hook it to your belt loop or add any additional items.

There’s no shortage of cool EDC features, either; there’s a flathead screwdriver that can be used as a tool for prying or scraping when needed.

Overall, the Holcombe is durable and strong – as well as pretty dang good looking. You can purchase it in two colors – a black finish or natural titanium.

It’s beautiful and from one of the hottest brands in EDC right now. What’s not to like? Give it a shot and let us know what you think.

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