Looking for the most modern wall rack you could possibly want for your bike? You’ve come to the right place. The Hiplok Airlok is a wall-mounted bicycle hanger with an integrated steel lock that keeps your bike safe and secure, in more ways than one.

The Airlok is crafted from a hardened steel frame and coated completely with a soft rubberized, texture to keep your bike safe from scratches and scuffs. It fastens to your wall using sturdy screws and bolts, and you just go ahead and lift your bike up and place it into the v-shaped frame, before locking the hardened steel bolt, which will not only keep your bike in place but is also essentially theftproof. Hopefully, you don’t worry too much about people breaking into your home, but when your bike costs as much as a used car, maybe you never can be too careful. The Airlok comes with three numbered keys that can be replicated and replaced should you lose one.

The Airlok is a great alternative to many of the cheap, flimsy wall-mounted racks you’ll find, and will be sure to keep your bike safe and secure without distracting from your interior decorating. In fact, it’s so stylish, it might just add to it.

Hiplok-Airlok-Italian_Red_Wall_Mount Hiplok-Airlok-Grey-Wall-Mount Hiplok-Airlok-Grey-Wall-Mount-Bike Hiplok-Airlok-Grey-Wall-Mount-Red Hiplok-Airlok-1