Hilleberg may not be the biggest name in tents, but they are one of the oldest – and one of the best. The Swedish tentmaker was founded in 1971 by Bo Hilleberg, a professional forester. In 1973, they launched the Keb, which was the first commercial tent to have connected inner and outer layers. They also created their own proprietary silicon tent fabric, dubbed Kerlon, which was 6 times stronger than any other tent material at the time. 45+ years later and Hilleberg in one of the most-trusted, heavy-duty and innovative tentmakers in the game.

Hilleberg Red Label Tents are their middle-of-the-road line, built for trips of lengths in varied conditions – but not necessarily extreme high-altitude mountains. They’re lightweight, but sturdy, and capable of handling storm conditions – just don’t go climbing up Mt. Whitney with one.

The Akto is a 1-person tent that combines the best of a bivy bag with a tent, for shelter during all 4-seasons. It weighs only 2.14 pounds, using Kerlon 1200 Outer Fabric as well as 9mm poles; they combine to create a very stable shape and support, without the weight. Designed for use in 4-seasons, the outer walls extend all the way to the ground, and the mesh walls are all backed by adjustable fabric panels.

The tunnel shape offers a maximum space-to-weight ratio, cutting out any necessary space and material for solo trips. At the same time, it’s plenty spacious enough for you and all your gear, with over 18.3 square feet in the tent itself and 8.6 square feet in the vestibule. n optional footprint covers the entire area of the outer tent, including the vestibules. It connects directly to the tent, and can be left attached during pitching, and the inner tent can even be replaced with a Mesh Inner tent for an even lighter setup.

There’s a reason European outdoor writers and magazines have given the Atko a lot of widespread praise; it’s light, durable and super easy to setup. A perfect option for solo backpacking (or just for having your own tent when with a group) in all but the most extreme of conditions. Like all Hilleberg Red Label tents, it’s ready to go and will last you years to come.