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A Hiking Sandal Made for Adventure: Teva Original Universal Rope Sandal

Teva Original Universal Rope Hiking Sandal

Teva sandals are made for adventure, with many being the perfect hiking sandal. First envisioned by a Grand Canyon rafting guide in 1984, Teva’s line of sandals is inspired by classic rock climbing and outdoor footwear and fashioned to inspire you to head outdoors. They revolutionized the sandal design we all now recognize as classic water sandals, and now make a full line of hiking sandals geared up for any trek. The Teva Original Universal Rope Sandal is a great addition to the product line.

The Teva Original Universal Rope hiking sandal has suede-infused climbing-rope straps which take a modern approach to classic outdoor style. The Lux suede footbed is exceptionally soft and comfortable under foot. The easy hook-and-loop closure comes on and off quickly and gets the fit just right. In addition, to add in comfort, the Universal Strapping System EVA foam footbed cushions and softly supports for a full day in the outdoors. Traction is enhanced from the rugged Durabrasion Rubber™ outsole.

So when you are ready for an ultra-modern sandal, turn to Teva. Your feet will love you!


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