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Higher Dimensional Drawings With the AIO 3D Printing Pen: A Great Entry Point Tool

AIO Robotics Full-Metal Premium 3D Printing Pen for 3D Modeling

Everyone has heard about 3D printer nowadays. These high-tech devices can take any schematic and print a 3D model based on those designs. But, did you know that 3D pens exist as well? 3D pens do basically the same things as a 3-D printer, except they are free form and can be held and guided by hand. The AIO 3D printing pen is a fantastic 3D drawing device that lets your drawings hop off the page and into physical space.

Like a 3D printer, the AIO prints with polylactic filaments. The pen heats the PLA and extrudes it from the tip. You can set the exact rate of flow and individual temperature increments so you can get the best draw. Extrusion speed has 5 different increments, depending on how fine of a drawing you want to do. The customizability of performance makes it great for working with all different kinds of PLA filaments that may require different temperatures and flow settings for optimal designing. The pen does not work with ABS plastic, another popular kind of 3D printing filament, but AIO offers a wide range of PLA filaments that are compatible.

As far as aesthetics, the AIO looks like a fancy fountain pen. The pen itself is made out of a durable metal casing that feels tough and fits in the hand really well. The extra weight makes it easier to draw in 3D as it makes you move more precisely and deliberately. Controls on the face of the pen allow you to control the flow rate and temperature at the press of a button.

The pen does not run on batteries and requires to be plugged in while operating. This is not a big deal as the power cord is long and won’t get in your way. The pen also runs very quietly compared to other 3D pens. While you won’t be able to get all of the precision and functionality of a full blow 3D printer, the AIO 3D pen is a great way to introduce people to the concept of 3D printing and get some practice.

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