What’s to like about Hestra Utsjo Leather Gloves:

  • High-quality, supple leather
  • Primaloft insulation technology
  • Lined with cozy fleece
  • Water-resistant but breathable
  • Convenient half-pique construction
  • Four attractive colors

Like it or not, winter is coming, so it’s high time to prepare for the colder days. If you don’t own one already, a quality pair of leather gloves should be on the top of your shopping list.

So, we scoured the web to help you with the buying process and stumbled upon the cool-looking Hestra Utsjo Elk Leather Gloves. After a few days of testing, it became clear that these gloves were a must-have. Moreover, Hestra Utsjo can also be the ideal Christmas gift for men in 2021. Let’s see why.


If you are not familiar with the name, we should first introduce you to Hestra, a famous Swedish brand. Established in 1936, Hestra is still a family-owned company run by the third and fourth generations of Magnussons.

Nowadays, Hestra has around 50 employees, with subsidiaries in Germany, Norway, and the United States. Most importantly, the company focuses on handmade products and carefully sourced materials. For instance, in 2019, Hestra’s output exceeded 2 million pairs of top-quality gloves.


From mountaineers to loggers, we all need warm gloves during snowy days and freezing temperatures. However, not all gloves are the same, with some providing better protection than others. So, to find the best gloves for men, consider the following aspects:


First, check the quality and durability of the materials. For instance, Hestra Utsjo uses premium Elk leather, but many models come with synthetic fabrics. Arguably, leather gloves offer the best price to value ratio, providing much-needed versatility and ease of use.


Speaking of usability, we should warn you that choosing the perfect glove size is essential. After all, the saying ‘fits like a glove’ didn’t come out of thin air. In other words, look for glove designs that complement the shape of your hands, primarily the length of your fingers. If the gloves are not comfortable, you’ll be throwing your money down the drain.


Since no one wants to throw away their hard-earned dollars, it’s crucial to compare the prices and see which models offer the best bang for your buck. For example, many gloves are overpriced, while many budget-friendly pairs can provide exceptional features. In essence, expensive doesn’t always mean better. Then again, premium leather comes at a higher price, but the chances are these gloves will last for a lifetime.


At first glance, Hestra Utsjo gloves look like almost any pair on the market. However, the classic design of these gloves works in combo with high-quality leather to provide ultimate comfort and warmth.

Plus, Hestra sells these gloves in four colors, each more stylish than the previous. Either way, regardless of your color choice, Hestra Utsjo Elk Leather gloves will be a wise investment for the coming winter.


Because of its distinctive texture and impressive strength, elk leather is a top-drawer option in the apparel industry. In addition, since it has a reputation for being one of the heaviest leathers, nordic elk leather offers excellent durability.

So, it’s not surprising to see Hestra opting for this material for their high-end gloves. The supple elk leather features a beautiful, grainy texture, regardless of the color. As a result, you can stay confident that your Hestra Utsjo gloves will never go out of style.


As we said earlier, the best gloves for winter are the ones that protect your fingers the best. Well, you’ll be glad to know that Hestra Utsjo Elk Leather Gloves meet the highest standards regarding heat retention and insulation.

In simple terms, you’ll never feel cold while wearing the cozy Utsjo gloves. The secret lies in the advanced Primaloft technology, a layer of polyester that traps heat and insulates the skin. At the same time, the Primaloft system offers excellent breathability, allowing the excess heat to evaporate freely. In addition, we should also mention that the durable nordic elk leather provides water resistance, making these gloves perfect for hunting, trekking, or mountaineering adventures.


Even though warmth and protection are the top priorities, modern gloves should also provide freedom of movement and usability. In other words, they shouldn’t be too bulky.

With Hestra Utsjo Elk Leather Gloves, you’ll get excellent dexterity, even though these are no surgical gloves, so don’t expect miracles. But, most importantly, they allow for the comfortable use of a mobile device. The flexible leather has more than enough elasticity to follow the contours of your fingers no matter what you do.


Finally, we must mention a couple of exciting elements we noticed while reviewing Hestra Utsjo Elk Leather Gloves. Primarily, the fleece lining makes these gloves so warm and cozy. Also, the quick-drying fleece helps with moisture-wicking.

On top of that, we liked the half-pique construction, with the gloves overlapping on the backhand. In combination with two-position cuff buttons, this system provides a secure yet comfortable fit. Likewise, this model features an inseam on the palm for a clean, neat finish.


Finding a pair of dependable gloves for chilly walks is tricky, given the vast selection of options on the market. However, Hestra Utsjo Elk Leather Gloves are a top-quality model, and these gloves offer a broad range of qualities.

Admittedly, these top-rated gloves come at a higher price. But, Hestra’s heritage and tradition guarantee that you’ll receive premium quality, with no compromises in materials or design. Everything has to be perfect, and Hestra Utsjo elk leather gloves are as close to perfect as winter gloves get. So, they are worth every penny.