Scandinavian blades are no doubt some of the best; there’s a tradition of knifemaking and forging going back centuries in the Nordic countries, that combines with the spirit of generations of outdoorsmen to create designs that are rugged, functional and durable, all at once. That’s the spirit behind the Salla Siglar, made by Norwegian knifemakers Helle.

Helle was founded in 1932, in the village of Holmedal, Norway. As there was no electricity in the village at the time, the brothers had to manually spin the whetstones to sharpen the blades, much like knifemakers have been doing for thousands of years. They then had to bring their knives to market in Oslo by bicycle. Over 80 years later, many of the knives they make are still made entirely by hand, creating functional, handcrafted pieces designed to last a lifetime. The Saga Siglar is one of those.

Take a glance at the Saga Siglar, and you’ll notice one thing: It’s simple. It’s roots are truly Nordic, and based on the traditional Viking utility knife that traces back to at least the 9th century. In 1983, the design was recreated by Norwegian explorer Ragnar Thorseth, who wanted to raise funds for his round-the-globe trip in a replica of 1000-year old Viking long ship. The Salla Siglar was born.

This modern take on an ancient knife, updated in 2016 by Arne Emil Christiansen, weighs only 97g, with a blade made of triple laminated carbon steel, 88mm long and 3.7mm thick. It’s paired to a beautiful, simple piece of curly birch wood, cut into a functional handle. It’s paired with a leather sheath. Simple, undeniably tough, and built to last centuries, this knife has a truly ageless style. Whether you’re building a shelter, doing some tasks around the home or whittling your own wood, the Saga Siglar promises to hold up.

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