There is a saying that you can tell a lot about a man by looking at his shoes. We believe the watch on his wrist speaks volumes also. A Rolex may suggest wealth, but there are many other watches out there that scream “class.” Helgray Watches is one product line that stands out. If you gravitate toward a military or “Le Mans” look, Helgray watches will appeal to your style. The watches are powered by the best Swiss and Japan movements, are affordable and accurate, and are virtually maintenance-free.

Helgray watches are produced in small limited edition collections. Once they’re gone, they’re gone for good. Helgray took a crowd-funding approach to product development. The approach proved to be very successful; on April 16th, 2014, Helgray became the world’s #1 most-funded crowdfunding project in its category. Today, there are five distinct collections.

Helgray Watches: Hundreds of 5-Star Customer Reviews

  • Le Mans Collection: Inspired by 1970’s race cars and their renegade drivers.
  • Pioneer Collection: Military heritage and WW2-inspired details.
  • Hornet Collection: Inspired by 1980’s fighter jets & pilot watches.
  • Silverstone Collection: Inspired by 60’s racing chronographs.
  • TCD-01 Collection: Tactical, all-titanium, deep-sea diver’s watch. Nearly indestructible.

Change the way you look at time—add a Helgray to your wrist.

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