Heinz had a little fun recently by teasing a new product – a combination of mayo and ketchup called Mayochup. As ridiculous as that name sounds, it sounds like a pretty great idea; it’s not like we haven’t all been mixing mayo and ketchup together on our burgers for ages.

Well, turns out it’s nothing new. Besides doing it all time ourselves, “Mayochup” has been for sale in other countries for years and is essentially just Prawn sauce or Marie Rose sauce – very common across the pond. In Puerto Rico, you buy it on the shelf under the name “MayoKetchup.” And here in the US, you can get Fry Sauce in some restaurants (especially Utah, where the name apparently comes from).

But, while it may not be anything new, it might be worth getting excited about. Heinz has decided to release Mayochup here in the States, and has actually taken a poll to decide if it should be called Mayochup, or something a little more…eloquent? We’re totally fine with calling it Fry Sauce.