It sure looks unusual, but it works. The Heimplanet Cave is the first inflatable tent from esteemed German travel gear maker Heimplanet. And it’s made with every ounce of the German precision and quality you would expect.

Why get an inflatable tent? Inflatable tents are convenient, easy ways to sometimes cut down on some weight in your pack, but the real reason people get them is just how dang simple and easy to set up they are. No extending poles and threading them through the tent holes or hooks; simply hook up a pump and in less than a minute, you have a fully inflated, useable tent for camping, backpacking or just chilling.

The Cave is a 2-3 person tent with a geodesic design; a fancy word to describe those various angles and shapes the outer frame is made of. The geodesic shape makes it extra stable and strong, despite being supported by nothing but air. The top of the tent forms a star-shaped roof that slopes from the point, allowing rain and snow to run off and not build up.

The airframe is made of recycled material, the outer layer is stiff polyester, and the inner layer is flexible thermoplastic polyurethane; this is one durable, sturdy shelter, and definitely weatherproof. A 100% Polyester 66D Ripstop rainfly and PU laminated 5000 mm water column are included. The inner tent is 100% Nylon 40D Ripstop, with a 100% Nylon Tafetta 70D ground sheet.

Inside the tent is ample storage space; multiple sewn-in bags let you stash items, and there’s a vestibule for cooking and putting your boots. There’s a detachable gear loft under the roof for more items, or for hanging a lamp and diffusing the light throughout the tent. There are five air vents you can open and close to get air flow, cool down, and let moisture escape.

For a 2-3 person tent, it’s relatively spacious; it’s 50” tall, interior height is 40”, with a ground area of 54 square feet. One thing the Heimplanet Cave is not, is light. It weighs a solid 10.6 pounds, so don’t expect to bring it on an ultralight backpacking trip. It packs down to a size about 16” long.

One complaint: it doesn’t come with its own pump. Heimplanet says this is because some people like larger pumps than others for pumping up the tent quickly, while others prefer a small, portable pump to cut down on weight. So you’ll have to get your own, which adds to the already hefty price tag.

And speaking of price tags, the Heimplanet Cave costs a whopping $760.00. Which, considering this is not an extreme high-alpine tent, is quite a number.

But if you’re looking for the best inflatable tent for all manner of adventures, that’s built like a tank, durable and weatherproof, and certainly looks unique, it’s worth checking out.


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