We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again. If you’ve never listened to vinyl, you need to give it a try. Good, old-fashioned vinyl records are a huge step up from digital MP3’s and even regular CD’s; the sound quality, richness and dynamism are just that much better, and have the potential to transform your home sound system to another level. So, we’re pretty pumped to try out some HD Vinyl, which promises to boost the listening experience even more, as early as next year.

Created by Austrian startup ReBeat Innovation, HD Vinyl is new way of manufacturing vinyl records that offers 30% longer playing time and 30% more amplitude than traditional vinyl – even the newest ones. It does by turning audio into a 3d map, that is then imprinted onto a ceramic plate. The ceramic plate is then laser-imprinted into the vinyl. Unlike traditional nickel stampers, the ceramic doesn’t wear down, meaning that each record is just as good as the one before.

The result is better, even clearer sound and ultra-smooth listening. The new process also gets rid of any of the toxic chemicals that making vinyl’s usually produces. They are also entirely backward-compatible, so you can listen to them on regular record players. No upgrading and spending necessary.

There’s a whole bunch more technical details, but all that really matters is how good these bad boys are supposed to sound. So far, there aren’t any samples of HD Vinyl out there to test out, but the creators plan to have some being produced as early as Spring 2019. Sounds like a good reason to finally spring for that home surround system you’ve always wanted.

Read more about HD Vinyl here.

Image Credit: Gavin Whitner – musicoomph.com/best-turntable-speakers/

HD-Vinyl-Groove-Process-1 HD Vinyl Ceramic Plate