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Harley-Davidson Street Rod 750

Harley-Davidson Street Rod 750

Do you need to bring out the tiger in you? Harley-Davidson wants you to give your soul a jolt with 750cc of adrenaline from the new High Output Revolution X engine in the Street Rod 750. Masculine, sexy, speed, it has it all.

Key Features of the Harley-Davidson Street Rod 750

  • Urban Mobility: The all-new Street Rod is built to take you to the edge. It’s got a new High Output Revolution Xengine that redlines your adrenaline level at 9000 rpm. Drag style bars with bar-end mirrors, new 43 mm inverted front forks and piggyback reservoir rear shocks let you shred traffic like you’re starring in your getaway scene. One twist of the throttle and you’ll never look back.
  • Authentic H-D: The Harley-Davidson Street® series is built to be affordable machines for those who have to work to put gas in the tank and pay the meter maid when you find a place to park. The beautifully formed teardrop fuel tank is Milwaukee steel, just like the fenders. The 750 features a premium paint job with a new fast graphic and Harley-Davidson script. Listen to the sound coming from the new shorter and wider pipes on the Street Rod motorcycle.

  • Custom Soul: The 750 features the no-nonsense blacked-out wheels up to be the ultimate blank canvas for customizing. A color-matched speed screen with a black insert brings a whole new depth of soul to this Street. The drag-style bars and bar-end mirrors make for an aggressive riding position to take on the traffic. The Street Rod’s sleek drag bars, color matched speed screen and LED turn signals fit perfectly with an urban backdrop.

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