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Harley-Davidson’s LiveWire Electric Motorcycle Is Finally Here

Harley-Davidson LiveWire Electric Motorcycle

Harley-Davidson first announced their LiveWire electric motorcycle in 2014, but it’s finally a reality. It also has a $29,999 price tag.

What’s behind that expensive asking price? The LiveWire has an all-electric powertrain, with a magnetic electric motor that can power the bike from 0-60 in as little as 3.5 seconds – with no clutch or gears to run through. It’s just instant torque.

The juice comes from a high-voltage battery, that gives it a range of 110 miles; not much as you’d get out of a gas bike, but more than respectable for an electric one. Exact numbers and specs for the battery and motor haven’t been revealed just yet, in case Harley-Davidson decides to make some last-minute changes to the final product.

These components are set in a springy and fully-adjustable Showa suspension, which lends it a smooth ride, and paired with Bembo disc brakes that are also anti-lock. Michelin sport tires complete the package for enhanced cornering and traction control. You can charge the battery in two ways; one, using the onboard Level 1 charger and your home power outlet, or via any Level 3 Fast Charge station on your travels.

That’s not all, of course; this is 2019, and as might be expected, the LiveWire bike contains a host of smart features. With Harley’s new HD Connect service and LTE-powered telematics, the motorcycle can be connected to your smartphone, and you can then use the app to do all sorts of cool things – check bike and battery status, time to charge completion, track location on the map, plan trips, and even receive instant security alerts if it’s moved, stolen or tampered with. There aren’t a lot of motorcycles out there that can boast that just yet.

Cool? We think so. Complementing this bike are two new electric bike concepts that Harley just unveiled: one a classically-inspired dirt bike, the other an electric scooter. So far, they’re just concepts and scant details are available, but they look sweet. If they’re as good as the LiveWire promises to be…well, who wouldn’t want to ride around in an Harley scooter?

TThe real question, of course, is if anyone is willing to drop $30k on an electric Harley. That remains to be seen, but you can sign us up.

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