Working out at home or on the road can be tricky. It may be easy to get a few bodyweight pushups in, but you’ll plateau quickly and soon find yourself looking for even more action. That’s where the Handy Gym comes in.

The name is kinda boring, but the Handy Gym itself is a game-changing way workout with heavy weighs at home, in the office or on the go – without ever actually lifting a weight. Instead, this pulley contraption thing uses magnetic isointertial technology, which was originally invented by NASA; astronauts couldn’t lift weights normally in the zero-gravity environments usually found on spaceships, they needed something fancier.


The Handy Gym uses a flywheel and strap. Pull the strap upward from the flywheel to do concentric exercises. Push it downwards, and you’re getting the eccentric movement. The strap needs to be held tightly, and it can take some practice…but once you’ve nailed it, you’re now able to conduct over 200+ different exercises from the comfort of virtually anywhere.

To change the resistance – the “weight” – of your exercises, simply choose from the three color-coded interchangeable discs. Yellow simulates 90 pounds, Blue 135 pounds, and Red 220 pounds – creating a lot more opportunities than simple bodyweight exercises can give you.

How exactly these extremely light little discs create that much force…we have no idea. Science. But we do know that this piece of workout equipment is going to change the way people workout on the road. It weighs just a couple of pounds and packs easily into you suitcase, backpack or even a drawer in the office.

Our only reservation is the price; the cheapest kit on Kickstarter is $379, and it goes all the way up to $929 for all the accessories.

Still, if you’re big into fitness and big into travel, we could see it being put to good use.