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Reduce Eye-Strain With the GUNNAR Computer & Gaming Glasses

GUNNAR Computer Glasses

Work on a computer all day? Then you know how badly staring at that screen does a number on your eyes. Take it from personal experience: a solid day of work or a night of gaming can really make your eyes hurt. it can also make focusing your vision dang difficult.

GUNNAR Gaming GLasses 2

There’s a scientific reason for this – and it’s not just staring too hard. Computer screens emit blue wavelengths of light – a color that overstimulates your eyes, causing some pretty uncomfortable eye fatigue and loss of focus. Overexposure to blue light has been linked to an increased risk of cataracts, sleep disorders, and even severe macular degeneration (acquired blindness). You know, not to scare you too much.

GUNNAR Glasses Block Blue Light

That is where GUNNAR comes in. These glasses have one purpose: to filter out the blue light form your computer that tires your eyes out so badly. They do this with a special glass that blocks up to 65% of blue light – and 100% of UV light that digital screens emit. This has a number of health benefits, from preventing both long-term damage and short-term discomfort, as well as helping regulating your sleep cycle, as blue light is known to mess with your circadian rhythm’s natural cycle.

GUNNAR glasses are one of the few computer glasses approved by the FDA for eye fatigue and strain, having been shown to reduce eye strain, minimize headaches and prevent dry eye. With 0.20 mag focusing power, they can help with your vision, too.

Everyday Style

GUNNAR Gaming GLasses

And, if you ask us, the GUNNAR itself isn’t too shabby-looking, either. They use a lightwieght composite material paired with a classic horn-rimmed style that fit comfortably. And if you have to ask about price, let’s just say – they are quite reasonable. Grab a pair, protect your eyes, and make working on the computer a much more enjoyable experience.

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