Yes, you did in fact read that. The Gumshoe Sneakers from Amsterdam-based Gumdrop are made from some good old-fashioned chewed gum – ABC Gum, as we used to call it. Turns out that gum is made from synthetic rubber (which explains why it never decomposes…and certainly makes swallowing it seem even grosser that it already was) and that by breaking these rubbers down, they can manufacture a special rubber compound containing up to 20% recycled rubber, which they call Gum-Tec. It takes about 1kg of rubber to produce enough Gum-Tec for 4 pair of shoes, and they actually collect the stuff from the streets of Amsterdam, where they estimate 3.3 million pounds of gum are littered each year. So it’s like knocking out two-birds with one stone.

Now, it turns out only the sole of the GumShoe is made from gum – the rest of the shoe – upper, etc – is made from leather. Still, it’s definitely unique. You can get them in that snazzy Bubblegum pink, or Red Or Black. You can even get the soles and have them outfitted to your dress shoes, if you want a unique, colored sole that really stands out.

And shoes aren’t the only thing GUMDROP makes – from a comb, to a reusable coffee mug, to pens and forks and door stops, there’s a whole lineup of cool ABC Gum products.

Puts a whole new meaning to getting some gum on your shoes. GumShoe’s will be out this summer for about $230.

GumDrop-Gumshoe-Pink-Sneakers-3 GumDrop-Gumshoe-Pink-Sneakers