If they are good enough for James Bond, they should be good enough for you, should they? Yes, the sophisticated Guildford black leather gloves by Dents appeared in the movie Skyfall, no more no less!

Yet, quality comes at a price, and these are not the cheapest gloves out there. On the contrary, Dents is all about luxury leather, and Guildford gloves are a premium model.

But if you want to impress and stand out from the rest, you have to be ready to splash the cash. The same applies to these high-quality gloves by Dents. Here is what makes them highly recommended.

Dents: Where Heritage Meets Modern Materials

Dents is a famous UK brand, and the history of this company goes back to 1777! So, this age-old name still manages to produce eye-catching leather accessories. Of course, the Guildford leather gloves have a prominent place in this brand’s portfolio.

Guildford Leather Gloves by DentsIn other words, Dents is all about tradition and long-standing heritage. They manufacture leather accessories that are built to last. At the same time, Dents implements modern materials and techniques into their production process. Not many companies in the current market can pull off this trick.

For instance, 90% of the back of the gloves is polyester, while the remaining 10% goes to wool. The front part of the gloves is made of the finest Hairsheep leather. This type of leather provides long-lasting comfort because of the natural elasticity of the material. Hairsheep leather is supple and comfortable, and the experts often regard it as one of the best types of leather in the industry.

It’s all About the Details!

As we said, the design of the Guildford gloves combines two materials: smooth leather on the front and a flannel blend on the back.

Guildford Leather Gloves by DentsSuch a design is not only functional but also elegant and stylish. For that reason, you could combine these gloves with formal or semi-formal attire. For instance, Guildford gloves would go great with a black winter coat.

On top of that, the gloves feature a fleece lining on the wrist area. Also, an elastic wrist strap with a press stud will keep the gloves in place. The name of the brand (Dents) is engraved on the stud.

All in all, the aesthetics of the Guildford leather gloves are off the charts. These gloves are certain to impress, and that is why every self-respecting James Bond should own a pair.

Final Thoughts

Besides being good-looking, Guildford by Dents leather gloves are functional as well. In other words, these comfortable gloves are insulating and warm. For that reason, you could also use them as driving gloves during winter months.

Of course, the great English leather is bloody durable! These gloves will be able to go through a lot of wear and tear, no doubt about that.

For that reason, Guildford black leather gloves by Dents could be an excellent choice for gifts. The receiver of these gloves should count himself as one lucky man.

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