What’s to like about it:

  • 24 high-quality elements
  • Top-quality steel
  • 4x cutlery sets
  • Lightweight package (under 2 pounds)
  • Lifetime warranty

Despite their name, kitchen sets can be useful outside the house as well. For instance, cooking in the backyard can be a fun and enjoyable activity, as long as you have the right tools. Well, to save you some time, we decided to scour the market in search of the best kitchen sets.

Guess what? It seems that we’ve found a winner. The 24-piece GSI Outdoors Destination is an impressive collection of utensils and other tools. So, let’s take a closer look at the prominent features of this set.

A diverse arsenal of utensils

At first glance, it doesn’t seem possible that a case as compact as this one could hold 24 different elements. And yet it does. The diverse offering of this set is in a league of its own. That is why GSI Outdoors Destination is among the best outdoor kitchen sets on the market.

For example, some of the tools included in the package are a utility knife, spatula, cheese grater, and a cutting board. Of course, four separate cutlery sets will allow you to share a meal with the family somewhere in the great outdoors. On top of that, this convenient set contains waterproof shakers for salt and pepper. Also, two soft-sided condiment bottles are at your disposal.

Outstanding quality of materials

GSI Outdoors is a prestigious name in the world of outdoor gear. As such, this company must maintain high levels of quality throughout its line of products. Well, the Destination set also comes with the exceptional build quality.

Super sharp knives will allow you to cut the food with ease. Also, the sturdiness of the cutting board will help with food preparation when you are in the wild. Likewise, this set comes with a high-temperature spatula, which could be of great use during outdoor barbecue sessions.

Versatility and convenience

As you can see, the GSI Outdoors Destination set can accompany you on any adventure. No matter if you plan on going fishing or backpacking, this compact box should be a part of your gear. The nylon case comes with a non-stick interior, which is a functional detail that could come in handy.

All in all, this kitchen set is pragmatic and easy to use. In total, the box weighs less than two pounds. Plus, you will notice that GSI Outdoors left an extra spot for any item you might want to add into the mix.

Should you buy it?
Few kitchen sets are as functional and efficient as the GSI Outdoors Destination set. This fantastic package comes equipped with 24 different components. Most importantly, the elements included in the box can cover all of your needs when it comes to outdoor cooking. Thus, we recommend this set to anyone who knows how stressful it can be to prepare a meal in the wild without the proper tools.