Love pour over coffee? We do. According to some people, there is no better way to make a fine cup of brew; you get almost all the richness and flavor of French Press coffee without the grinds, but with more precision and custom care than a drip coffee maker. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could make some good old pour over on your hiking and camping trips without lugging along a heavy pour over stand? You can. You just need a portable brew maker  – like GSI’s Coffee Rocket – a foldable, packable pour over coffee maker.

GSI Coffee Rocket 23
Credit: GSI Outdoors

Home pour over coffee makers are traditional made of ceramic. Ergo, they are heavy and bulky. That’s fine for the kitchen, but heavy and bulky aren’t exactly qualities you’re looking for in outdoors gear. The Coffee Rocket, thankfully, isn’t either of those; it’s a super lightweight and collapsible coffee cone that can be used to make pour over coffee anytime and anywhere. To make coffee, just pop it open, set it on top of your coffee mug and its business as usual. When it’s time to pack up and move on, simply collapse it down and nest it inside your mug/cooking pot. Boom!

GSI Coffee Rocket 2
Credit: GSI Outdoors

The Coffee Rocket weighs a barely-there 2.7, and you’ll likely never even notice it in your pack. It’s BPA-Free and uses a reusable stainless-steel coffee filter, so there’s no need to carry paper filters that end up creating more waste that needs to be packed in and packed out.

Right now you can get one of these on Huckberry for less than $7. We’d say that too good a deal to pass up.