Key features of the GRUTTI Shaving Brush Set:

  • Polished chrome metal stand
  • Pure badger hair
  • Ergonomic Gillette Fusion razor
  • Innovative magnetic holder
  • Stainless steel bowl

An elegant grooming set is something every gentleman needs. After all, facial hair requires regular maintenance if you want to look presentable at every occasion. With that said, not all shaving sets are the same, and some of them can offer better qualities than others.

For instance, the vintage-looking GRUTTI Shaving Set is a collection of shaving tools that will exceed your expectations. We tried it ourselves, and here is what we learned during the testing phase.

Classy and eye-catching design

First and foremost, this grooming set is one of the best-looking at the current market. All it takes is one glance at the curvy nature of the stand to fall in love with the GRUTTI Shaving Set. But the elegant frame is not the only element that comes with vintage design.

On the contrary, the brush and the razor also have classy details on their handles. The wood grain acrylic provides these accessories with a premium aesthetic, which makes this set look way more expensive than it is.

Premium materials

The affordable GRUTTI Shaving Set is an ideal gift for men who like to pay attention to their appearances. At the same time, this eye-catching set will look great in any bathroom. The polished chrome metal stand is sturdy yet attractive.

Likewise, GRUTTI used high-quality materials in the production of other accessories in this set. For example, the brush comes with pure badger hair. The softest of bristles will caress your face, reducing irritation. As if that’s not enough, the stainless steel bowl will stay in position at all times thanks to magnetic buttons.

Barber-like shaving experience

We already said that GRUTTI Shaving Set offers excellent aesthetics and top-notch durability. So, now we have to see how it behaves in action. During our testing, we noticed that this set offers superb usability and convenience.

The magnetic bowl can hold more than enough soap and water, and the razor will glide over the contours of your face with ease. What’s more, the ergonomic handle will provide you with total control over the replaceable blades. Of course, the badger bristles offer unmatched water retention and absorption.

Should you buy it?

As you can see, the old-school GRUTTI Shaving Set is an exquisite piece of grooming gear. Thus, you should include it in your bathroom setup and charm the ladies when they come over.

Best of all, this set is functional and easy to use. It will allow you to stay neatly organized and remove facial hair with ease. That is why the GRUTTI Shaving Set can be a perfect gift for your friend, father, brother, boyfriend, cousin, and so on. With its vintage aesthetics and durable materials, this set will amaze everyone as soon as they unpack the box.