The term “grayers” comes from Oxford and Cambridge, where in the 1950’s, guys started shedding their stuffy three-piece suits for more casual, gray flannel trousers. Whether or not that was the first step the towards the much more relaxed wardrobes we have today, a movement was born, and Grayers continues it with this line of casual-yet-classy styles. Everything they make is inspired by classic styles of old, with attention-to-detail and modern flair.

Grayers has pretty much everything imaginable, but a few pieces really stand out to us. First, the Gladstone Thermal Lined Bomber. Bomber jackets are as vintage 20th century as they get, and this all-season rendition brings it into 2018 without missing a beat. It’s got a shell of 72% cotton, 28% nylon, and an even-more-welcome thermal lining of 60% cotton and 40% polyester to keep some heat in. Perfect for mildly chilly spring and fall nights, and even summer nights when the chill moves in.

We also love the Pointdexter 3-button Sportcoat, 98% cotton and 2% spandex, for its everyday versatility with a bit of stretch. Unstructured and unlined, you can dress it up or down, and it gives that perfectly fashionable-yet-chill look that shows you’re classy but know how to have fun. Pair it with a pair of Newport Modern Fit Chinos.

Finish off the ensemble with an Oxford shirt, made of 100% cotton and cut in Grayers’ signature Modern Fit with a chambray yoke and placket for a comfortable and totally laid-back look. They come in pretty much every pattern or print you can imagine, so go crazy.

So whether you’re looking for something purely casual (think joggers) or are looking for something with just a bit more vintage class, Grayers will have it for you, in the softest, comfiest form available.

Grayers-Bomber-Jacket-1 Grayers-Pointdexter-1 Grayers-Flannel-Shirt-2