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The Gossamer Gear Murmur 36 Weighs 8.5 Ounces

Gossamer Gear Murmur 36

When it comes to truly ultralight backpacks, Gossamer Gear is a name you want to look for. Their motto is “Take Less. Do More,” and that’s the philosophy they incorporate into all the backpacks and gear they create. The Murmur 36 Hyperlight is another perfect embodiment of that philosophy.

Made from a combination of 30 and 70-denier Robic nylon, the Murmur is a lightweight pack ready for both quick, fast day hikes and ultralight backpacking trips – say, up a mountain, where too much weight drags you down and staying nimble matters. In fact, it’s so light, Gossamer Gear admits that “if you aren’t sure if it’s the right pack for you, it probably isn’t.”

There isn’t necessarily anything super innovative about the Murmur’s design, but it is designed for maximum comfort on these ultra-fast ascents. The roll-top design allows for a streamlined shape and also allows it to be clipped into a dry bag style arrangement to keep water out and your gear safe. There’s also a removable padded waistbelt, which is adjustable to two different torso heights to fit a wider array of wearers. Trekking pole and ice axe holders make sure you never lose your footing on even the most technical of ascents.

The Robic ripstop nylon is very light, but is also coated on both sides with silicone, which gives it extreme waterproofness. In fact, it’s rated to over 3000 mm waterproofing, and Gossamer Gear claims they’ve tested it up to 4000 mm.

With 36 liters of storage, it’s more than enough for day trips and just enough for ultralight overnights. And, it weighs only 8.5 ounces, making it one of the lightest options out there, and can carry up to 20 pounds, though again, Gossamer Gear says 15 pounds or less is ideal. If your idea of hiking and backpacking doesn’t involve making a home away from home, the Murmur 36 is a no-brainer.

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