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The New GoRuck Tough Hoodie Just Came Out

GoRuck Tough Hoodie 365

It’s no secret that GoRuck makes some of the best, toughest, highest-quality gear in existence, whether that’s their classic packs or their outerwear. They just released and expanded on that lineup with the new GoRuck Tough Hoodie, a lightweight, simple but ultra-tough full zip hoodie ready for everything from a GoRuck Challenge to life on the front lines.

The Tough Hoodie is made from GoRuck’s new Tough365 fabric. This new blend features the comfort of cotton, the strength and abrasion-resistance of nylon, and the breathability and moisture-wicking capabilities of polyester, as well as it’s wrinkle-resistance. It’s also got a seriously-comfortable 4-way stretch, which allows you to move freely during whatever athletic or high-output activity you’re partaking in.

As should be expected from most GoRuck gear, the Tough Hoodie was also made with all the design and fit you’ve come to expect from GoRuck. This includes such features as a lockdown zipper that doesn’t flap around when you’re running and moving at high speeds, two external pockets that are placed perfectly for warming your hands in, and zero hood strings that can caught or snagged. Simplicity is the name of the game here, making it the right choice for when you need something with high speed and low drag.

Finally, it’s made in the USA, just like all GoRuck gear, and built to last a very, very long time. This brand takes their stuff seriously, and the Tough Hoodie is just another example of that.

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