What’s to like about GORUCK Performance TAC Hat:

  • Durable CORDURA fabric
  • Six-panel construction
  • No top button
  • Patch-friendly VELCRO on the front
  • Adjustable VELCRO strap
  • A sporty, low-profile fit

A cool-looking cap is a versatile accessory, and it will make you look like a badass if you wear one to a rucking session. Heck, caps can help with any strenuous training, preventing hair from falling in your eyes and protecting the scalp from harmful UV rays.

For that reason, we scoured the market searching for a durable yet inexpensive option. As it turned out, the advanced GORUCK Performance TAC Hat leads the list of the best caps out there.

So, without wasting time, let’s check it out.

Recognizable GORUCK Philosophy

Although GORUCK is a relatively young brand, it attracted a massive following thanks to its relentless efforts to make people active and get them off their phones. In other words, GORUCK is all about taking action and building character.

Admittedly, their gear and equipment primarily focus on rucking, but you can wear most of GORUCK’s clothing and accessories anywhere. The same goes for GORUCK Performance TAC Hat, a specially designed military-style cap for high-performance training sessions. Of course, this versatile hat can follow you on many other adventures, such as hiking, fishing, or cycling.

Bold and Innovative Design

Inspired by Special Forces and their bravery, GORUCK’s lineup is not afraid of pushing the boundaries. For instance, the streamlined Performance TAC Hat removed the metal button you’ll find on most other models. This impractical element serves no purpose, and it can even hurt.

So, GORUCK removed the button but kept a curved brim with a 3.5-inch VELCRO closure. In essence, this cap comes with a six-panel construction and a low-profile fit. When closed, the hat’s overall length is 7¼ inches. Plus, six ventilation holes will keep your head cool and refreshed at all times.

Customizable and Adjustable

One of the most prominent GORUCK Performance TAC Hat’s features is the patch-friendly VELCRO area at the front. Precisely, the dimensions of the VELCRO surface are 2×3 inches, allowing more than enough space for the American flag or some other patch. You can even cycle them and choose the one that best suits the color of the hat.

We should also mention that GORUCK offers four color options, including black, charcoal, coyote, and ranger green. In any case, you’ll receive a durable hat built from heavy-duty CORDURA and with a subtle spearhead embroidered on the side.

Is It Worth It?

From what we’ve seen, the rugged GORUCK Performance TAC Hat can be a perfect option for outdoor enthusiasts. If you enjoy spending lots of time in nature, a dependable, sweat-wicking cap is a dream-come-true.

GORUCK strives towards excellence with every product, and this tactical cap is no exception. Lightweight and durable, the Performance TAC Hat also comes with impeccable sewing and stitching. Best of all, the reasonable price will not push you into bankruptcy.