Main features of the GORUCK Heritage Jump boots:

  • Hard-wearing full-grain leather
  • A supportive MACV-1 platform
  • Dual compound outsole
  • Excellent grip and abrasion resistance
  • Spacious forefoot area
  • 13mm heel-to-toe offset
  • Shielded drainage holes

If going up and down rocky terrain is your thing, a pair of durable and supportive boots is a must-have. Yet, finding the best boost for rucking and other outdoor activities can be tricky because the market offers endless options.

To help with the search, we scoured the web and tested dozens of tactical boots, hiking shoes, and everything in between. Finally, we stumbled upon the cool-looking GORUCK Heritage Jump Boots, a model with a legendary history and even better materials.

So, stay with us if you want to learn more about these high-top boots for rucking.







Founded in 2008, GORUCK is a sporting equipment brand specializing in making rucksacks, boots, and other apparel for high-performance outdoor activities. After all, the founder of this American brand, Jason McCarthy, served as a Green Beret, and his experience as a Special Forces Soldier was essential for GORUCK’s success.

GORUCK boasts of creating the ‘world’s toughest gear,’ and the sturdy Heritage Jump boots are an example of the company’s philosophy. Of course, the brand has much more to offer, so check out their catalog and join the GORUCK tribe.


Rucking is all about testing your capabilities and pushing the limits of what your body can do. However, if you start rucking without adequate shoes, painful blisters will kill any progress and leave you stranded in the middle of a trail.

So, since the feet are doing most of the work, consider the following aspects to find high-quality shoes for rucking in 2022.


Buyers should first look at the materials and overall build quality. Rucking is a strenuous activity, and you’ll often go over rocky terrains or wet areas. Therefore, premium leather is a must-have. Likewise, check the outsole, laces, and other components to see if they will handle the wear and tear caused by rucking.


Comfort is the second essential element because supportive shoes are necessary for successful rucking campaigns. Of course, almost all new rucking boots will require a break-in period, but you should expect maximum comfort nevertheless. Check if the platform offers plenty of cushioning and if the toe box is spacious and comfy.


Rucking gear comes at various price points, and you can choose what suits your budget. Like Merell, Altama, or Belleville, many high-end brands will ask hefty prices for top-tier rucking boots. So, avoid overpaying by comparing several models and choosing the best price-to-value ratio. For instance, GORUCK keeps things reasonable and affordable.


At first glance, you might think these boots come from a century ago. And you wouldn’t be very wrong because the original Heritage Jump boots appeared in 1941 during World War II. The legendary 82nd Airborne Division used these boots, and paratroopers touched the ground in these dependable shoes across Italy, France, Holland, Belgium, and Germany.

As the name says, these boots ooze heritage and history. So, it’s not surprising to GORUCK giving them a new life and bringing modern materials into the play. Yet, GORUCK also opted for premium leather from Rostaing Tannery, another renowned brand established in 1789!


Design-wise, the iconic Heritage Jump boots have survived the test of time. This timeless shape, similar to the Corcoran boots used by the US military, offers maximum durability and practicality.

At the same time, GORUCK Heritage Jump boots earn top points for materials and components. Namely, these rucking boots feature full-grain leather that was aniline-tanned for maximum suppleness, toughness, and beauty.

As a result, these boots for rucking are ready to perform from day one. The break-in period is almost non-existent, and you’ll feel no discomfort or pain while walking in these boots.


GORUCK has plenty of experience with durable footwear and clothing, and their supportive MACV-1 platform was the basis for the Heritage Jump boots. In other words, the old-school design met a modern construction, where the shoes received a lightweight EVA midsole and a generous toe box.

In addition, the rugged GORUCK Heritage Jump boots come with a dual-compound rubber outsole. We tested it in various terrains, and the versatile rubber delivered top results for traction and grip. The forefoot area kept the feet steady in muddy and wet spots.

The innovative structure of these 8-inch rucking boots results in a 13mm heel-to-toe drop. GORUCK claims that the offset will reduce the strain on your Achilles and provide a natural gait in any terrain.


Despite their durable and hard-wearing construction, the classic Heritage Jump boots from GORUCK are lightweight and comfortable. Notably, the EVA midsole is extra-light, but other components also reduce the overall weight.

On the other hand, these rucking boots offer excellent breathability thanks to 2x shielding drain holes. These handy vents located on the inner shoe area repel moisture and push the water out with each step. Nevertheless, we recommend wearing high-quality merino socks while rucking, especially for beginners.

You’ll notice that GORUCK Heritage Jump boots feature a no-frills design with no spacer mesh. Instead, this model comes with a premium suede heel counter that wraps around an injection-molded plastic counter. This combination will stabilize the heel and prevent friction that causes blisters and hotspots.


If you are in the market for rucking boots under $200, the reliable GORUCK Heritage Jump Boots could be right up your alley. These boots are a safe bet for anyone interested in long-distance walking over rugged terrains.

The Heritage model offers everything, from excellent comfort and breathability to maximum traction and protection. After all, these boots have been around since World War II, and they would never survive for so long without offering top-drawer performances.