Tell us GoRuck is making something new, and we’ll reach for our wallets. We consider them one of the leaders in the current Made-in-America Renaissance, and have yet to be disappointed with a single item they’re turned out. We don’t see why the Grid Fleece would be any different.

A heavy-duty, heavyweight half-zip, the Grid Fleece is made from Polartec Power Grid – a “gridded” weave fabric (92% poly, 8% spandex for 4-way stretch) that is moisture-wicking, breathable and fast-drying. (It also gives the jacket its name.) The insulation weight is perfect alone for backpacking and other high-octane activities in frigid weather and works for less-strenuous activities with a base layer underneath. The inside is soft and comfortable while the outside is tougher and thicker for some abrasion-resistance and protection from the elements.

Beyond that, it’s the usual trusty GoRuck construction; slim, athletic fit, reinforced patches and collar, a zippered chest pocket for stashing your phone, and the customary 2×3” Velcro for sticking that backwards American flag patch everyone always seems to have. And of course, it’s Made in the USA, right in Spokane, Washington.

GoRuck backs it up with their SCARS Lifetime Guarantee and it it’s anything like their backpacks, that means something. The Grid Fleece Half-Zip is another worthy addition to the lineup and to your rucking outfit.

GoRuck-Grid-Fleece-4 GoRuck-Grid-Fleece-2