What’s to like about GORUCK Challenge Windbreaker:

  • Thick ToughDry fabric
  • Top-notch wind-resistance
  • Two-way stretch
  • Quick-drying fabric
  • Full-zip system
  • Zippered chest pocket

Buying a dependable windbreaker can be challenging because the prices are diverse in the same way the quality is. Of course, no one wants to buy an expensive jacket that doesn’t serve its purpose.

With that in mind, we can say that GORUCK Challenge Windbreaker is one of the best options on the current market. GORUCK released this model after the success of the Simple version hoping to reach the customers that recognized the quality. And, indeed, the Midweight version should meet the needs of any loyal GORUCK fan.

ToughDry Fabric

One of the essential advantages of GORUCK’s clothing is the ToughDry fabric. Since they built it to last for a lifetime, this material combines 94% nylon and 6% spandex. As a result, ToughDry is stretchy but also moisture-wicking.

To be precise, GORUCK Challenge Windbreaker – Midweight comes with the so-called 187 GSM versions of the ToughDry, unlike the 125 GSM from the previous model. Of course, the upgraded fabric offers much better performances out in the open.

Most importantly, the 187 GSM ToughDry doesn’t increase the jacket’s weight, nor does it make it any less comfortable. Moreover, the Challenge Windbreaker is still as foldable as it was in the first iteration.

Quick-Drying And Durable

Many windbreaker jackets provide top-drawer comfort, but they can be tough to manage. Plus, some materials might require special care. Well, that’s not the case with the ToughDry fabric. This material is fast to dry and won’t suffer any damages in the process. As the name suggests, ToughDry is all about being tough and water-repelling.

As expected, GORUCK also takes a no-nonsense approach with durability. In other words, the Challenge Windbreaker will survive plenty of wear and tear. Abrasion-resistant fabric plays a significant role, but impeccable sewing and attention to detail are also responsible.

Stretchy And Comfortable

GORUCK focused on making this jacket durable, convenient, and eye-catching. These three aspects share the spoils for making any high-quality windbreaker, but comfort often stands above the rest.

In essence, the GORUCK Challenge Windbreaker – Midweight is comfortable because it is super-lightweight and flexible. In other words, it doesn’t have any lining. The reason for Challenge’s lining-free characteristics lies in the use of ToughDry fabric, which we mentioned already. As such, this windbreaker can be a perfect option for fans of layered clothing.

Is It Worth It?

As you could’ve seen, the GORUCK Challenge Windbreaker – Midweight stands out from the rest thanks to the savvy materials and superb aesthetics. Arguably, the Challenge Windbreaker stands somewhere in the middle range regarding price. But, considering the array of features, it’s clear that the price is more than acceptable.

After all, this windbreaker is both stylish and comfortable. It will get the job done on hiking and camping expeditions, but you can also wear it on early morning jogging sessions. It even has a zippered chest pocket for keeping your phone tucked away while you explore the outdoors.