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GoodThreads, Amazon’s In House Brand, Has All The Style Essentials You Need


Finding high-quality, good-fitting clothing shouldn’t be hard, or expensive. Amazon gets that, and that’s why they launched GoodThreads. They already have their Amazon Essentials line of clothing, and AmazonBasics makes the everyday staples available for less, so why not move into fashion? To be fair, you won’t find anything avant-garde or fashion-forward, but they’v done a solid job with the classics – and that’s all you can really ask of them.

Every piece of clothing GoodThreads makes is meticulously designed and crafted to be just a little bit better than your average off-the-rack clothing, whether it’s the super comfortable fit and cut or the perfect placement of the buttons. The main attraction in the line are a series of slim-fit, button-down shirts, available in checkered, plaid, and solid oxford cloth. There’s a color for every occasion, casual or dress. The slim fit fits well in the chest, and tapers down for a fitted silhouette. Complementing these shirts are several varieties of chinos, both slim and dress, with 2% spandex for a comfortable stretch. To top the outfit off, they’ve got both V-neck and crewneck merino sweater available in 7 different colors.

GoodThreads offers more, though – fleece joggers, crewneck t-shirts, and boxer briefs, too. Even a bomber jacket. The best part? Price. They are all very affordable, retailing for far less than their more brand-name counterparts (J Crew, Banana Republic, Gap) would.  Like Amazon’s other lines, however, their just isn’t a lot available right now. We look forward to seeing GoodThreads expand and add new styles over time.

GoodThreads, Amazon’s In House Brand, Has All The Style Essentials You Need

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