Why should you carry pocket knives during camping and hacks to sharpen them?

Camping is one of the most enjoyed adventurous activities. It’s a great way of bonding with nature and enjoying the scenery that can be very memorable. However, going camping requires a lot of planning and carrying all the essential tools, such as a pocket knife.

Read on to find out more about the uses of pocket knives and hacks for sharpening them.

Pocket knives for Self-Defense

Having a portable knife in your pocket can help in self-defense. Self-defense does not always mean fighting; a pocket knife can save you from any danger. Before keeping one, be aware of your state law. You will feel more secure, especially when out in the wild.

Pocket Knives for Fishing

If you plan to spend your weekend fishing, then a pocket knife can be a beneficial tool to carry along. It works as a compact tool that can be used to cut fishing lines, cut small fish, or for food for being used as fishing bait.

Not just that, pocket knives can also be used for cutting fishing nets in case it folds.

For Building Camp

If you plan camping, keeping a pocket knife is a must. When camping in the wild or outdoors, you need a secure shelter that will save you from any storm or cold. For shelter, you can use a knife to break small pieces of wood. Knives can also be used for building fires. You can use hunting knives as well to build camping. However, a portable pocket knife can also work easily.

Pocket Knives for Hunting

If you love indulging in hunting, you must know how important it is to carry a professional hunting knife for skinning and gutting. A good quality hunting or pocket knife will help hunt for skin; you won’t need different knives for different purposes. A pocket knife can also be used for skinning deer. There are many folding pocket knives that you can invest in for hunting purposes as well.

How Should You Sharpen Your Pocket Knives in Any Situation?

There are different ways by which you can sharpen your pocket knife; however, you should know how to do it right. It’s not always possible to get professional help; that is why we have listed an easy method for sharpening your pocket knives.

Pocket Knife Sharpener

One of the best and most popular sharpening knives is through a knife sharpener. Many of these sharpeners come with multiple features that can be used in sharpening various other household or outdoor tools.

By using pocket knives sharpener, you can easily sharpen blades, serrated pocket knives or gut hook blades. These are affordable and use very little space.

Sharpening Stone

Another way of sharpening your knife is by using a sharpening stone; however, this method needs the previous experience of using it. The ceramic coated stone needs a little pressure on both sides repeatedly for 10-15 times on both sides of your blade.

This stone can be affordable; however, not all kinds of blades can be sharpened.

Use of Honing Rod

The traditional method of sharpening a pocket knife, the honing rod, is a piece of steel that comes with a diamond coating. For using a honing rod, you need to learn the right angle for sharpening your blade. You also have to use the blade for a longer period.

Though it provides an efficient result, the honing rod is not that easy to carry outdoors.


Pocket knives are an essential tool that can be used every day. It’s not possible to carry a big knife or tool everywhere. That is why carrying a portable pocket knife can be easy, affordable and beneficial.

So why not invest in one today?