Main features of Goal Zero Nomad 5 Solar Panel:

  • Monocrystalline solar collecting cells
  • Maximum charging capacity: 5W, 5V
  • Lightweight construction (12.7 ounces)
  • A built-in mounting kickstand
  • Rugged and durable enclosure
  • Travel-friendly design

It’s no secret that most people these days are addicted to smartphones and social media. Thus, it can be frustrating and nerve-wracking to run out of power and stay off the phone for days on end.

So, to provide an endless supply of on-the-go energy, we present the portable Goal Zero Nomad 5 Solar Panel. As the name says, this handy product harnesses the sun’s rays and provides juice to various devices when off the grid.

We took the Nomad on a multi-day camping trip to see how it behaves in action. Here’s what we learned.


If you are unfamiliar with the brand, we should first say a couple of words about Goal Zero. Founded in 2009, this company has its roots in humanitarian work, primarily the efforts to bring energy to rural African communities.

In October 2011, Goal Zero introduced the portable Nomad solar panels, together with rechargeable lights and lanterns. Over the years, the company added several new products, but it also improved its original designs and products.

Overall, Goal Zero focuses on sustainable energy solutions, pushing the boundaries of innovation, and delivering accessible products to people worldwide.


Solar panels and power banks are the latest additions to the must-bring category for camping expeditions and outdoor excursions. People didn’t have to worry about these things in the past, but here we are.

So, if you want to spend your money the right way and buy the best portable solar panel, consider the following elements before purchasing:


Again, the eternal question of ‘does size matter?’ rears its ugly head, but in this case, ‘less is more.’ A compact and lightweight solar panel will be the best option for campers because it will save space in the backpack. But, if you need more charging capacity, look at the dimensions chart and opt for a larger model.


Speaking of charging capacity, we should say that not all solar panels for camping share the same technologies and systems. Deep down, it’s all the same, but technical details and advanced methods can affect charging performances. So, look for high-performance models using the latest technologies for collecting solar power.


We recommend glancing at the price to avoid overpaying for a fancy solar panel. Many companies try to jump on the bandwagon and enter this market. Many sell flimsy and low-quality products at ridiculous prices. Therefore, compare several models and find the ones that suit your needs and budget.


We already mentioned that the legendary Nomad solar chargers had been around for a decade. But, of course, Goal Zero refused to rest on its laurels, and they updated and improved the product.

Moreover, the Nomad series now includes three models, the Nomads 5, 10, and 20. These numbers refer to the actual charging capacity, meaning that Nomad 20 is a 20-Watt version.

So, did we choose the smallest? Goal Zero Nomad 5 solar charger is the most compact and convenient while remaining a powerful charging unit. Plus, it costs less than the others. But without further ado, here’s why it’s so appealing.


Essentially, all camping and backpacking gear should be rugged and durable. The same goes for solar chargers and portable panels. That’s why Goal Zero equipped the sturdy Nomad 5 with a resilient frame made from heavy-duty plastic.

In addition, the dependable metal on the back keeps everything safe and protected. Goal Zero Nomad 5 solar panel follows a no-frills philosophy, and the minimalist design is ideal for outdoor activities like camping or mountaineering.

This device weighs only 12.7 ounces, making it one of the lightest solar chargers in 2022. It will be hardly noticeable if you attach it to the backpack while hiking.


The new and improved Goal Zero Nomad 5 solar panel should be available by May 2022. By that time, the sun in the northern hemisphere will be near its full potential, providing you with plenty of energy to harvest.

Thanks to the advanced Monocrystalline cells, this charger will collect solar power efficiently and super-fast. Even moderate sunshine will be sufficient to resurrect your devices and let you check DMs and browse through stories.

As the name implies, the Nomad 5 panel has a 5W solar capacity when exposed to the sun’s rays.


An integrated mounting kickstand is a neat detail because it will let you direct the Nomad 5 towards the sun without hassle. It offers multi-angle adjustment, clicks into place, and gets the optimal solar collection within seconds. Plus, you can use it to hang the charger on a tent or a tree, but ensure they look towards the sun.

More importantly, Goal Zero Nomad 5 is compatible with other Goal Zero products, primarily the Flip series of power banks. These energy-dense batteries also come in various sizes, including the 12V, 25V, and 36V versions.

Therefore, you can attach them to the solar panel to charge phones, tablets, headlamps, lanterns, and other devices on the go. The Flip power banks let you power up devices when the sun goes down, while the Nomad 5 will spring into action as soon as the sun appears in the morning.


If you are looking for new camping gear to add to your arsenal, the travel-friendly Goal Zero Nomad 5 solar panel could be right up your alley. This affordable solar charger has a lightweight and convenient design while remaining a dependable unit for charging various devices and power banks. What more could you need?