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Go Medieval With Serge Knives Coin Claws

Serge Knives Coin Claw

We at Gear for Life love our knives. When we saw these customs by Serge Knives Coin Claws, we were blown away. If you want grunge and functionality, turn to Serge Knives. You have to add one of these to your everyday carry gear.

The Serge Knives Coin Claw is about the size of a half dollar. There is so much power in this compact EDC tool. These circular shaped folding blades are incredibly compact. The Coin Claw features a slipjoint-like built-in spring that ensures the blade stays securely closed when it isn’t in use and open when it is.

Serge Knives Coin Class Specifications

  • Blade: either CTS-XHP, 154-CM, or CPMS30V steel
  • Handle Frame, Pivot Ring, and Spacer: 6AL4V titanium
  • Length: 1 5/8″ diameter closed; 2 5/8″ open
  • Hardware: Stainless Steel Screws

Contact Serge Panchenko yourself for pricing and to purchase one of these works of art.

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