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Glenlivet Enigma Forces You to Crack the Scotch Whisky Code. Literally.

Glenlivet Enigma

In a world where everyone wants to know everything about their drinks (and their gear. And their food. And just about everything else. Us included.), legendary Scotch distiller Glenlivet is doing something different with their new Enigma.

Enigma: Mystery Whisky

This new black-bottled whisky is the third in a special series of Glenlivet limited releases. The first two in the series were 2016’s Cipher and last year’s Code. It comes with zero information about its origin, other than the required basics like 48% ABV Single Malt Scotch that must be on the bottle if its to be sold. And if you want to know anything else about it, you’re gonna need to put in the work and crack the code. Quite literally.

You have to go online and start deciphering a crossword puzzle that contains a number of “tasting clues”. The more you complete the puzzle accurately, the clues will be “digitally unlocked.” And you have to know a little something about whisky to really do it properly, as the questions involve important terms like mouthfeel, taste, etc. You don’t need to be ready to work at a tasting room, but some basic whiskey knowledge will really pay off.

If you complete all three puzzles, you’ll also get a discount code for buying another bottle (or your first). So you can have it shipped straight to your door.


Sounds like a fun way to learn more about whisky and discover some new flavors. Pernod Ricard, the company that owns Glenlivet, says that this blacked-out spirit and the crossword puzzles “offer a vehicle for us to engage with a variety of consumers in a way that’s reimagining Scotch whisky tropes.”

We just think it’s a cool party game.

More details about Enigma – tasting notes, origin, etc – will be publicly released in late 2019.

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