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The GimbalCam Self-Stabilizing Camera

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There are lot different ways to shoot excellent action video, but none of them really compare to the silky-smooth motion and cinematic quality that a high-quality gimbal will give you. That’s where the GimbalCam comes in. This 4k camera looks somewhat like a GoPro, but comes with a 3-axis built-in gimbal that keeps it steady and stabilized while in motion. Couple that with the advanced Image Stabilization Software and you get some stunningly good video. Over 16 million pixels, to be exact. The wide-angle lens picks up 170 degrees to capture every bit of action, while recording at a smooth 30 FPS. The f2.4 aperture ensures good video in low-light situations.

The GimbalCam uses a 7 Lens system, as well as one IR filter, that works to filter out sunflares and get the clearest video possible. The 3-axis gimbal is complemented by a 6-gyroscope, giving ultra-smooth video. The GIS Anti-Shake Algorithm lets it eliminate shaking in real time. If the comparison video on their page is any indication, it puts your regular GoPro video stabilizing to shame.

And of course, this thing is meant for active pursuits; it comes in at an ultra-light 170g, with zero moving parts or bulk. It’s rated to IP6 Waterproof standards, can be mounted easily on helmets, bikes, or drones – even paraglider, as they point out – and goes just about anywhere you do. It’s also incredibly easy to use; simply press the one-touch record button and you’re off. Battery life is sadly limited to 120 minutes, however.

The GimbalCam also has all the requisite tech features, such as Wifi, which allows you to view the video and record on your smartphone via the GimbalCam App. (There’s also a tiny 1.5” screen on the back of the camera itself). There are multiple shooting modes to choose from, and you can of course share and upload your video and photos with your friends straight from the camera.

Pledge your support on IndieGogo; the GimbalCam starts at $299 for the camera plus accessories.


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