Making the rounds across the gear world this week is the Gerber Fastball. This American-made EDC knife from the classic knifemaker checks off all the boxes that most EDC enthusiasts are looking for: Slim, Sleek and Light. It’s stylish, but understated, minimalist but attractive…and totally functional. It’s also optimized for one-handed deployment, thanks to the quick and intuitive finger-flipper opening that makes flicking the blade open and getting to work quick and easy no matter the circumstances.

S30V Wharncliffe Blade

The Wharncliffe blade isn’t as popular as, say, the drop point. But it’s still a go-to for outdoorsmen and enthusiasts who love having a more delicate point on a heftier blade. With the Fastball, Gerber takes that just a step further; the tip of the knife remains quite sharp and pointy, while introducing an even larger bevel and tip-swedge geometry. The idea is to increase strength for the blade so it’s durable enough to handle the many challenging tasks it may come across in real life.


The steel chosen for this knife is CPM S30V, which is great for being heat-treated, holds an edge for a long time, and is all-around hard, tough and corrosion resistant.

B.O.S.S Tech Ball Bearing System

The big, unique draw to the Fastball is Gerber’s B.O.S.S Tech Ball Bearing system. That stands for Balls of Stainless Steel; literally, stainless steel ball bearings that reduce friction and provide an ultra-smooth, “seamless” opening every time. Additionally, the Fastball has a detent ball pressed into the liner lock and a cutout in the blade tang, and keeps the blade tightly closed and from deploying accidentally.

Short version: the Fastball is an all-around smooth experience, from open to close and everywhere in between.


Aluminum Handle, Versatile Design

Rounding out the Fastball’s slim package is a sleek, aircraft-grade aluminum handle that still provides good grip and feel in your hands, inspiring confidence. It also comes in three modern colors: Flat Sage, Urban Grey, and Black. Thanks to a 3-position pocket clip, you can customize carrying to your liking or even remove it entirely.

All in all, if you’re looking for a slim, sleek EDC knife with super-hard S30V blade and ultra-smooth, consistent deployment…well, you could do a lot worse than the Gerber Fastball, especially with its asking price of about one Benjamin.