This is just pure genius! The Gator-Grip Socket 7-19mm Multi-Function Tool replaces many of those bulky tools in your toolbox. No longer do you have to have separate tools for standard and metric measurements. The Gator Grip instantly adjusts to grip hex nuts, screw eyes, hooks, lag screws, and bolt heads–if they are standard 1/4 inch to 3/4 inch and metric 7mm to 19mm. That’s pretty amazing to us.

How does this work? The Gator Grip is about as amazing as Edward Scissorhand. The socket contains 54 hardened steel spring pins. When placed onto a fastener, the center pins retract and the outer pins surround the fastener. As the fastener is turned, the torque is transmitted through the outer pins to the walls of the socket, making this socket an ideal choice for heavy-duty personal or professional use. The tool features a 3/8-inch drive.

So when you tackle the next job for your friends, pull out your Gator Grip and watch them be amazed. As a backup, you always have your Leatherman MUT on your hip also. You are invincible.


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