Garmin’s vast selection of wearable wrist devices offers something for everyone, from the serial off-grid adventurer to the casual runner. Their latest, the fenix 6 series, sits at the high end of their spectrum; the cheapest in the series are the $600 fenix 6 and 6S, while the most expensive is the $1150 6X Pro Solar Edition.

Fenix 6: High-Tech GPS Watches

Credit: Garmin

Why does the Pro Solar Edition cost so much? Perhaps first among others is the Power Glass, Garmin’s transparent, invisible solar charger that sits on top of the 1.4” glass display. Power Glass actually charges the watch as you go about your day, giving it enough juice to extend battery life by 3 days (on top of the lithium battery’s massive 21 days on a single charge). The titanium case and vented bracelet, which provide the perfect combo of sharp looks but light weight, also probably have something to do with it.

Only after that do all the high-tech features you’ve come to expect from a Garmin GPS watch come to play. We mean thinks like downloadable TOPO maps, ski maps of over 2000 resorts, and real-time, turn by turn navigation. There’s also the brand new PacePro – a smart software that guides you to adjust your pace as you run over changing, graded terrain. A host of sensors detect performance metrics like heart-rate, running dynamics, heat- and altitude-adjusted VO2 max, and a Power Manager that helps you see how all these sensors and settings impact your watch’s battery life. There are even preloaded activity profiles for sports like trail running, swimming, hiking, and lots more.

Endless Features

garmin fenix 6 backside
Credit: Garmin

But wait – there’s more. The 6X Pro Solar also includes safety and tracking alerts, a panic button, apps like Spotify®, Deezer and Amazon Music and room for over 2,000 songs, Garmin Pay, and Climbpro, which shows you real-time info on your climbs such as gradient, distance and elevation gain. And…you can choose from 3 case sizes.

That’s an almost overwhelming number of features. Almost too many. But we can only wager a guess it’s another reason why the fenix 6 series is so expensive. Here’s to saving up (or even settling the mid-range 6X Pro).