What’s to like about it:

  • Variety of map layers
  • Compatible with Android and iOS
  • Extensive map library
  • Options for sharing and printing the maps
  • Intuitive interface
Gaia Hiking App

What do you think – are paper maps outdated? Should we leave the past to them and move on to electronic map reading?

Well, even if you disagree, it is clear that GPS-backed systems are useful and functional. One such software is the award-winning Gaia hiking app.

Even the fans of the traditional map reading speak praises about this particular piece of software. So, let’s take a closer look at Gaia.

What is Gaia hiking app in the first place?

Hiking apps are a relatively new phenomenon. Nonetheless, this product of the technological revolution can provide hikers with a set of useful features.

For instance, the Gaia hiking app is a piece of software that offers access to a wide number of maps and tracks.Gaia Hiking App 2

The Gaia Company itself is a bit unorthodox. It first appeared back in 2008, and it consists of 30 people who all work remotely. At the moment, the employees live in 16 different states in the USA.

Of course, they all come from the backpacking community. Thus, they understand the need for reliable navigation when wandering around in the great outdoors.

How the Gaia app works out in the wild?

The concept of this software is simple and straightforward. In essence, users should connect to the database of maps and use them for route planning.

Gaia relies on cloud-based infrastructure to deliver information to the end-user in a matter of seconds.

Gaia Hiking App 3To start using the software, you should install the app on your device. After that, you will need to choose a subscription model for your needs.

At the moment, Gaia offers three tiers for its users: Free, Member ($17/year), and Premium ($36/year).

Of course, the Free version of the app will provide you with basic maps and a limited number of customization options.

On the other hand, the Premium level unlocks access to extra content, not just a wide array of routes and hiking tracks.

What can you do with the Gaia app?

Once you start using the Gaia app, you will soon realize that paper maps are on their last days. Admittedly, the paper still has its use in super-cold or super-remote areas.

However, satellite navigation is efficient, time-saving, and it will also take up less space in your backpack.

For instance, the Gaia hiking app will allow you to set waypoints along the route. By doing so, you can plan water carries. Also, you can look for campsites or intersections in the area.

Plus, the app comes with a handy Trail Search feature. As the name implies, this option will present you with an extensive catalog of trails and routes in the vicinity.


The list of elements of the Gaia app could go on forever. We didn’t even mention the options for sharing or printing the maps. Plus, you can organize the routes in folders or import new ones.

All in all, this app is an excellent choice for anyone who enjoys spending time in the wild.

Gaia Hiking App 5