If we’re nitpicking, free trials of clothing aren’t exactly groundbreaking new return policy: almost all brands and retailers will let you return any clothing that just doesn’t fit or work for you. And in the past decade, the number of retailers with extra-generous return policies (allowing 30 to 90, even 365-day returns for literally any reason) has generously expanded. But an actual 30-day free trial? That’s still unusual.

Hasn’t stopped Ten Thousand – maker of some great gym shorts – from trying it out. They will actually let you try out any pair of their 3 athletic shorts for 30 days totally and completely free. Just select a pair, enter your credit card info, and you’ll have 30 days to try them out and see what you think before you’re charged for the purchase. Wear ‘em to the gym, go for some runs, whatever you want to do.

If, at any time in the 30 days, you decide they aren’t for you, just send them back and you won’t be charged. Just like signing up for a 30-day trial of an app. If you like them but want to try a different style or size, you can also just exchange them for something you like better.

Unorthodox, but a totally great idea. Ten Thousand offers 3 great options for shorts right now: the stretchy, breathable, versatile, multi-purpose Interval Shorts; the lightweight, slimmed down Session Shorts for those who want no frills; and the Foundation Shorts, which combine the looks and go-anywhere attitude of boardshorts with the dynamic, lightweight performance of gym shorts.

So, why not give this 30-day free trial a shot for yourself? With this policy, Ten Thousand makes sure you’re doing all your sweating while you’re working out, and not when you’re trying to find the perfect pair of shorts.

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