We’re sure you’ve heard the wonders of “superfoods” being bandied about here before. You’ve probably also heard of the almost magical properties of nootropics. How would you like to get the powers of both of those in every single cup of coffee? That’s what Four Sigmatic Coffee is supposed to help with. 

Four Sigmatic coffee calls itself “mushroom coffee,” but don’t worry. It’s totally legit and legal – and provides nothing except all-natural and safe energy and health benefits. There’s a few different flavors – all high-quality 100% Arabica beans, mixed and infused with the mushroom of your choice. 

Four Sigmatic Coffee Cordyceps

The first thing you’ll probably see is their Mushroom Coffee with Lion’s Mane and Chaga. Lion’s Mane has both nootropic and neuroprotective effects, giving you a little extra focus boost and a bit more creativity – as well as a little extra calm – throughout the day, allowing you to work at your most efficiently while boosting overall brain health. The Chaga mushrooms – “dual-extracted,” according to Four Sigmatic – boost your immune function and keep you feeling and functioning your best. 

Four Sigmatic Coffee

Cordyceps Coffee is particularly interesting. Cordyceps – a fungus growing in the jungles and rainforests of Asia – provides balanced “cellular support,” giving you energy and enhanced immune function throughout the day in conjunction with the Arabica’s natural caffeine. It’s so effective, they say, that it gives you the same amount of energy with half the amount of caffeine. It also has a host of antioxidant properties. Finishing out each cup of Cordycep’s healthful properties is eleuthero – a legendary adaptogenic root from Siberia that purportedly benefits stamina and “overall wellbeing.” 

And, before you start worrying, it all tastes just like your favorite cup of coffee – not mushrooms or herbs. (We breathed a sigh of relief, too). Four Sigmatic has a coffee for everything from your typical morning routine to pre-workout, to when you just need to focus hard. And to make a cup, just tear the packet and pour into hot water, stir, and enjoy – no coffee maker necessary.