Utility tape is an essential part of every outdoorsman’s gear. Duct tape is great by itself, yes, but compared to utility ribbon, it’s limited stuff. When you need tape adapts and conforms to any situation and is tough enough to withstand anything you can realistically subject it to – from rain to sheer loads of stress – you need a roll of Forj in your kit.

Forj more than just tape; it’s thermoplastic ribbon that, by being heated, fuses itself and conforms to virtually any shape or piece of gear to create a bond as strong as steel. A single ribbon of Forj has a tensile strength of up to 140F. Heat it up to 140F – with a flame, hairdryer, microwave, whatever – and it will turn clear, meaning it’s hot enough to be formed to whatever shape you need. As it cools down, it will return to its white color as it fuses to itself and creates a nearly unbreakable bond. Need to redo it? Forj is reusable, practically, weightless, waterproof (unlike duct tape), flexible, and paintable. It’s resistant to extreme cold, and actually gets stronger as the temperature drops and the polymers harden.

What can you use it for? Virtually anything. Fix tent poles, ski poles, tools, wrap handles, for first aid (making a cast) or even marine applications, as it is entirely waterproof.  It comes packed neatly in a little tin that reminds us of shoe polish or dip, and should be an integral part of your kit that never gets left behind.

Forj Thermoplastic Utility Tape Forj Thermoplastic Utility tape Forj Thermoplastic Utility tape 2