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FlipBelt Wants To Solve Your Fitness “Storage” Problems

FlipBelt Fitness Belt

Keeping your stuff secure when working out can be a pain. Putting your phone, wallet and keys in your pocket certainly isn’t going to do the trick and tucking them inside your waistband is obnoxious. Armbands? They slip around too much. Making the move to wireless headphones helps but doesn’t solve the problem outright. There’s gotta be a solution, right? FlipBelt thinks it has found the solution.

FlipBelt 3 FlipBelt is a multisport, multi-use fitness belt designed for wearing anywhere from the gym to the running trail to beachside yoga (if their website is anything to go by), providing a secure and comfortable place to safely stash your essentials. That means keys, phone, wallet, cash, even a snack or energy pouch or two. An internal key ring keeps that bulky keychain from bouncing around. Woven from micropoly and Lycra, it’s firm but stretchy; it stretches to accommodate even large smartphones, before that same elasticity snaps back and hold your gear firmly in place. They even sell a compatible water bottle.

FlipBelt 2

The slim design is certainly a fashionable and sleek alternative to traditional “fanny pack”-style running gear. We’d bet you’ll feel a heck of lot cooler wearing one of these…and it’s certainly better than a bulky cheap arm band. Looks like the idea is, if you get it in the right color, it looks more like your stretchy waistband than a separate running belt. Choose from the FlipBelt Classic, the Zipper, or the Reflective PT Belt adorned in hi-viz neon green.

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