Recent years have seen a resurgence in denim – both the regular kind and some of the more tricked out types. And as denim has its moment, so do attempts to make the toughest and most-unbreakable denim possible. Flint and Tinder, known for their Waxed Trucker Jacket and 365 Pants, have also jumped in the craze, this time giving us a jean pant made with Kevlar threads. They’re calling it Defender Denim.

Handmade in Los Angeles, each pair of Defender Denim is made from selvedge denim from Japan, woven on “old-school” shuttle looms at Kahaira – Japan’s oldest denim maker. This selvedge denim contains 3% Kevlar, for nearly-indestructible (but NOT actually bulletproof) quality over the long haul. These jeans are gonna last nearly forever, and that’s what we want to hear from any clothing we buy.

All the fine details support this end; they’ve got YKK zippers supposed to last as long as the jeans themselves, a chain-stitched hem, tucked belt loops and a neat, precision finish and switching that just screams quality. Put a pair of these on and you’ll know exactly what we’re talking about.

Rugged but refined, tough but fine, handmade in the USA – and not-too-badly priced for a pair of that is (especially considering the Kevlar). What more could you ask for? We bet you’ll be wearing these for a long, long time.

Flint and Tinder Defender Denim 6 Flint and Tinder Defender Denim Jeans -2 Flint and Tinder Defender Denim 3 Flint and Tinder Defender Denim 4