What’s to like about Flint and Tinder Pullover:

  • Extra cozy sherpa lining
  • Unique speckled fleece outer
  • Classic quarter-zip design
  • A durable leather pull tab
  • Freedom of mobility
  • Spacious handwarmer pockets
  • Affordable price

The cold weather will not go away anytime soon, so it’s best to be as prepared as possible. For instance, a warm and cozy pullover is a must-have for any modern gentleman, and we have the perfect model.

More precisely, we scoured the web to find the most comfortable and the best-looking pullovers and stumbled upon Flint and Tinder Sherpa Lined Quarter-Zip Pullover. Of course, we inspected it up close and personal to see how it behaves in action. Here’s what we learned.


Founded in 2012 by Jake Bronstein, Flint and Tinder is a relatively young brand. Nonetheless, they managed to build an army of followers worldwide. It helped that the company appeared in several lifestyle magazines, including Men’s Fitness, Men’s Health, FHM, and Rolling Stone.

So, it’s not surprising that Huckberry, a leading online men’s retailer, recently announced the acquisition of Flint and Tinder. Although the financial details remain undisclosed, it’s revealed that Flint and Tinder will remain a standalone brand focusing on US manufacturing. As expected, Huckberry will act as the exclusive Flint and Tinder retailer.


Flint and Tinder know what it takes to make top-drawer clothing, and you can trust this brand, but not every pullover on the market will satisfy users’ needs. For that reason, it’s crucial to consider the following elements before purchasing:


First, check the overall quality by looking at the fabrics and stitching. Nowadays, low-quality clothing is available everywhere, so double-check the materials to separate the best from the rest.


Without a double, aesthetic aspects are crucial when picking items to suit your style. For instance, the classic-looking Flinter and Tinder Sherpa Lined Quarter-Zip Pullover sticks to the basics and follows a traditional design approach.


In a way, every pullover’s task is to keep you warm and comfy, so look at the materials to assess heat retention properties. However, keep in mind that insulation and breathability are equally important, so your new pullover should also provide maximum comfort and freedom of movement.


Last but not least, new buyers should double-check the price because many pullovers out there are overpriced. Follow the steps above and analyze the pullover’s quality to avoid paying too much. For example, the affordable Flint and Tinder Sherpa Pullover is a budget-friendly option, yet it offers high-quality features.


As we said, Huckberry, together with Flint and Tinder, invests in US manufacturing, and you can expect top quality from these companies. Also, Huckberry is all about adventure and an active lifestyle, making their product ideal for outdoor-oriented gentlemen.

The modern-looking Flint and Tinder Sherpa Pullover illustrate this philosophy with its attractive design and durable fabrics. But, of course, these are not the only reasons this pullover comes highly recommended, so let’s check them out.


As the name says, Flint and Tinder Pullover feature one of the coziest materials on the planet, the Sherpa fabric. Typically, this material features cotton and synthetic elements, and the same goes for Flint and Tinder.

More precisely, this pullover comes with 100% polyester interior and exterior fleece with 93% cotton, 2% polyester, and 5% Viscose. The formula works like a charm and provides top-drawer insulation and coziness. On top of that, the softness is on the highest level.


We already mentioned heat retention and warmth as priorities for a quality pullover. Well, Flint and Tinder are aware of this, and their Sherpa Lined Quarter-Zip Pullover offers excellent insulation.

Of course, the secret lies in the dense fabric lined with extra soft sherpa. As a result, the pullover is both comfortable and warm. Thanks to the quarter-zip design, this model will keep the temperature trapped inside and provide warmth on your skiing or snowboarding adventures.


Flint and Tinder Sherpa Lined Quarter-Zip Pullover is available in three colors: Navy, Oatmeal, and Toffee. But, regardless of your choice, every color looks eye-catching and unique. In addition, you get five sizes to choose from, including XXL.

Either way, this pullover comes equipped with a spacious handwarmer pocket on the front. As expected, this cozy compartment provides extra warmth and convenient storage space.

Also, regarding design, we should mention the quarter-zip style with a cool-looking leather pull tab on the zipper. Most importantly, the YKK zipper is sturdy and durable, offering effortless opening and closing.


Overall, it’s hard to find something to complain about this pullover. Flint and Tinder opted for attention-grabbing speckled fleece outer to create modern aesthetics. The extra soft sherpa fabric provides exceptional warmth and heat retention on the inside.

In essence, you’ll feel like someone wrapped you in a cozy blanket while wearing the comfortable Flint and Tinder Sherpa Lined Quarter-Zip Pullover. At the same time, the traditional design makes this pullover suitable for almost any occasion and for various seasons. For instance, long-distance driving in this pullover will be comfortable and elegant.


Flint and Tinder Sherpa Lined Quarter-Zip Pullover costs around $150, making it an affordable and budget-friendly option. In other words, this model provides many high-quality features that make it worth every penny.

If you need a well-designed pullover to keep you warm on outdoor adventures without limiting mobility, this model could be right up your alley. It features extra-soft sherpa fabric, but the speckled fleece outer also takes things to the next level. So, the price is more than reasonable, making Flint and Tinder Sherpa Lined Quarter-Zip Pullover a wise shopping decision.