Is there a better way to warm up after (or during) a cold day’s hike in the mountains, or ski trip, than to grab a swig of brandy (or whiskey, or rum, or whatever?). Not that we can think of. And while throwing a flask in your pack and grabbing it whenever you want a swig is certainly easy, some people want something a little sleeker and more convenient – like integrated flask gloves, such as these from FNDN.

Okay, so there isn’t literally a flask integrated into the gloves in the most literal sense. You can’t just drink right out of the fingers. Instead, there are zip compartments located on the back of each glove that allows you to store and stash a collapsible “flask” (it’s more of a small hydration pouch – like a Platypus or similar. They don’t say it’s for stashing alcohol but we all know it really is. Also, it’s BPA-free). When you want a drink, simply drink straight from the hands-free nozzles, which make it easy to warm up and refresh yourself on the trail without the hassle. It’s that easy.

Apart from cool hidden tricks, the FNDN Flask Gloves are also fully functional, comfortable gloves ready for most winter pursuits. They’ve got 200gram 3M Thinsulate insulation to keep your hands warm, paired with a waterproof Hypora line to keep moisture and snow out. Grip is added with the help of silicone palms and fingers, and there’s even touch-screen ready fingertips, so you can still use that smartphone (or car console) without exposing your fingers to the frigid cold.

A bit of a gimmick? Sure. Extremely cool? You bet.

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