We’ve definitely, in the past, praised the many uses of a trusty tactical hatchet. There’s the obvious – chopping wood, downing trees, building a shelter, cleaning up around the yard or campsite, all important tasks that can be easily done with a hatchet – and the not-so obvious, like breaking open doors, smashing through crates and windows, and extricating yourself from a a variety of survival situations. Heck, get one and take up the sport of hatchet-throwing.

Sold? Then get a real tactical tomahawk, one designed for extreme tasks. Get the Flagrant Templar.

Most cheaper tomahawks couldn’t hold a candle to the Templar. The bombproof build starts with the handle,  which is made of black or tan micarta. The faux wood texturing look like real wood, but is harder and lighter. It’s scalloped, and features extensive jimping for grip. A tapered neck lets you choke up when you need more control over the hatchet, and there’s a sturdy steel loop on the end so you can tie a cord or strap it to your gear.

The thought and careful design put in is evident; the head is made from 1095HC, a low-cost but very tough steel rated 56-58 HRC, 1/4” thick and 6.5” long. With a full-metal tang, it’s well-balanced and sturdy as a rock. The spike on the back includes a bite notch, and together they make quick work of prying and smashing through anything. The graphite black with tungsten cerakote finish seals the deal, and Flagrant Beard tosses in a Kydex sheath for everyday carry.

This is one heck of a hatchet, which is why it’s so expensive. But if you’re constantly finding yourself into scary survival situations that call for tactical tools – or you just want a unique hatchet you can trust will have your back for decades – the Flagrant Templar should earn a spot as your companion tactical hatchet.

Flagrant-templar-hatchet-head-6 Flagrant-templar-hatchet-head-2 Flagrant-templar-hatchet-head-3 Flagrant-templar-hatchet-head-4 Flagrant-templar-hatchet-head-5