We all know. There is nothing more miserable than sore feet. The Flesser Yoga Sports Five-Toe Separator Socks massage your feet to send you to heavenly bliss. The Flesser socks are perfect for yoga enthusiasts, for promoting blood circulation and relieving foot pain after a workout, or for slowing down the growth of your bunion. The benefits are numerous for toe alignment.

Features for the Flesser Five-Toe Separator Socks

1. Rectify deformation toes, knead toes, to prevent foot cramp
2. Promote blood circulation, relieve foot pain
3. Keep you far from foot pain, foot cramps, hammertoes, bunions and more
4. Perfect for ladies in the office, or working stand-up
5. Easy and comfy to wear, keep your feet warm to help you sleep better
6. Also can help people who have sleeping problems


Item type: toe socks
Materials: Cotton Blend,it’s perfect for yoga
Color: Black, White, Pink, Red, Purple, Yellow, Blue, Rose red and Navy
Heel to toe: 17cm/6.69” app.
Ankle length: 16.5cm/6.5” app.
Width: 9cm/3.54” app.
Total length: 28cm/11.02” app.
Function: massage

Hygienic alternative to bare feet
For all barefoot activities like barre, Pilates, yoga, and dance
Good elasticity; Breathable
Sweat absorbent
Easy to slow down your big toe or bunion developing; Good care for your feet after long high heels wearing

Flesser Five-Toe Separator Socks Flesser Five-Toe Separator Socks