If you’re first reaction to the phrase “English surf style” was one of bewilderment, we don’t blame you.  Surfing and “British Isles” don’t seem the most likely of combinations, but their 2000+ miles of rocky coasts are laden with excellent spots to catch some waves, provided you don’t mind the chilly waters, and there’s an active surf scene if you know where to look. This is where Finisterre was born. Finisterre is committed to keeping surfers warm and comfortable while in pursuit of the breaks, with a style that is inspired directly by the sea.

Finisterre’s style strays a little bit from the classic “beach bum” look we tend to associate with surfing, however. Instead, it takes it’s cues from the longtime fishing traditions of the British Isles, which tend to be rugged, dark, wet and sometimes a little foreboding.  And while they may have started with a cold weather fleece, Finisterre now has a full line of clothing, from classic lambswool sweaters to board shorts to cold-weather jackets. Their Westray Crew, for example, is a traditional fisherman’s cable-knit sweater, made from 100% Donegal wool. It’s about as classic as can be, and perfect for cold afternoons by the sea. The Aeris jacket, on the other hand, is water-resistant and warm, filled with polyester and Primaloft, reversible and packable into it’s own pocket – all the while maintaining an unmistakable maritime appeal.

They complement this outerwear with a line of shirts, pants and shorts, as well as swimwear, such as the True North board short, in classic navy and stripe, and even wetsuits; when it comes to being dressed the occasion, they’ve got you covered – providing “the occasion” means exploring cold, cloudy seashores. But whatever you’d like to use it for, we think you’ll find their clothing warm, comfortable and classically stylish.

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