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Filson x Helinox Printed Tactical Cot: Is This the Perfect Camping Bed?

Main features of Filson x Helinox Printed Tactical Cot:

  • High weight capacity (up to 320 lbs)

  • Durable and robust aluminum poles

  • High-quality nylon hubs

  • Lightweight and portable

  • Ultimate comfort

  • Abundant sleeping space

Suppose you are in the market for something to keep you away from the crawling critters and leaky floors while camping. We’ve got the perfect product. Filson x Helinox Printed Tactical Cot is lightweight and portable, with a design that makes it comfortable for sleeping in the wild.

Plus, it has the perfect height, ample sleeping surface, and sturdy architecture. Sounds good enough? Let’s check it out.

High-Grade Aluminum Poles

Filson x Helinox pays a lot of attention to the materials they use in the manufacturing process. For instance, they outsourced the aluminum parts to DAC@. This choice proved to be a success, with DAC@ being one of the best tent poles makers on the market. As a result, this camping cot features ultra-strong aluminum construction.

Besides being as tough as nails, the poles in Filson x Helinox Printed Tactical Cot are ultralight. These qualities are essential in making the Printed Tactical Cot one of the best camping beds out there.

Premium-Quality Nylon

The other top-drawer material you will notice on this product is 600D polyester. Of course, this is no ordinary nylon, as it wouldn’t support up to 320 pounds otherwise. Filson x Helinox uses a process called photopolymerization, which turns heavy-duty polyester into excellent bedding material.

The nylon of choice in Filson x Helinox Printed Tactical Cot is specially engineered for this camping bed. As a premium-quality material, it offers water resistance and protection during storms and the rainy season.

Convenience and Usability

The overall design of the Filson x Helinox Printed Tactical Cot earns top marks for ease of use. When fully folded, the dimensions of the Printed Tactical Cot are 21” L x 6” W x 6” D, making it easy to store and carry. Precisely, the packed weight is shy over five pounds, offering excellent mobility at all times.

Likewise, Filson x Helinox uses shock-corded nylon-resin hubs for fastening the fabric to aluminum poles. As expected, this product also features lever-locking attachments for the super-quick release of the sleeping platform. In any case, the sleeping area will stay stretched taut between the poles all night long. We should also mention that this cot provides 6.6 inches clearance from the ground, allowing you to sit up in the tent.

Is It Worth It?

From what we’ve seen, the Filson x Helinox Printed Tactical Cot is well worth the price. It offers protection against the elements, but it also exceeds expectations regarding usability and convenience.

Filson x Helinox Printed Tactical Cot may not be the cheapest camping bed on the market, but you have to pay a bit more for extra quality. After all, the durability and sturdiness of this camping bed will probably make your purchase a once-in-a-lifetime investment. Heavy-duty cots are a must-have for any avid camper, so don’t waste time.

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