What’s to like about Filson Ridgeway Fleece Jacket:

  • Polar Thermal Pro fleece
  • Quick-drying and breathable
  • Elastic hem and cuffs
  • Chest and handwarmer pockets
  • An inner storm flap
  • Sweater-like texture

Fleece jackets are a perfect option for everyday use, either in the backyard or out in the open. Their versatility is one of their most prominent qualities, but the list doesn’t stop there. Fleece is also cozy and warm, ideal for cold weather.

That said, not all fleece jackets out there are up to the snuff. Some are better than others, and Filson Ridgeway Fleece Jacket is among the best on the market.

Sounds impressive? That’s because it is. Here’s what makes the Ridgeway jacket so appealing.

Tradition and Heritage

As you probably know, Filson comes with an impressive background. To be precise, the company’s origins go back to 1897, making Filson one of the oldest outdoor apparel brands. It all started during the Klondike Gold Rush. Over the years, the company kept growing and improving its lineup.

Nowadays, Filson is all about designing rugged and durable clothing. Their jackets and other outdoor gear can handle the frigid North with ease, but they work in other areas as well. Of course, Filson Ridgeway Fleece Jacket is an example of the company’s philosophy.

Top-Drawer Materials

In essence, fleece is a synthetic wool type, but Filson takes this fabric to a whole new level. Namely, the Ridgeway jacket features the so-called Polar Thermal Fleece. As the name says, the material captures heat and offers protection even in polar weather.

The rib-knit fleece has a sweater-like texture. We should also mention that the jacket comes in two colors: black and Charcoal Heather. No matter which option you choose, the quality of the Ridgeway will shine through.

Insulation and Breathability

We already said fleece jackets are versatile and practical. Well, Filson Ridgeway ticks all boxes for being one such jacket. The Polar fleece is quick-drying and moisture-wicking, but the jacket is lightweight and breathable at the same time.

It also comes with an elastic hem, but the same goes for the cuffs. On top of that, you’ll get an inner storm flap alongside a micro-fleece-backed chin guard. We should also say that Filson Ridgeway provides more than enough storage space. In total, it has three pockets, one at the chest and two hand warmers. The zip-closure front is there to keep you warm and protected at all times.

Should You Buy It?

As a top-drawer clothing brand, Filson always strives towards excellence. Of course, the Ridgeway fleece jacket follows the same principles. So, if you need a flexible and practical jacket for a range of weather conditions, this model could be a perfect choice.

After all, Filson Ridgeway covers all bases for being warm, comfortable, and convenient. You can wear it as a top layer or under an oversized jacket during freezing winters. From mild to cold weather, the Ridgeway handles it all with no hassle. What could be better?